Issue 2 - Download NOW!

Issue 2 of Fish Fingers and Custard is available to download now!

In this Issue:

"Series 5 Reviews"

"Proms Report"


"Where Should Classic Doctor Who Have Ended?"

"Memories of PBS Plegde Drives"

"The Latest Tabloid Newspaper Rumours"

And Much More!

You can download the 40-page PDF here

Please help support the fanzine by buying a paper copy of the Issue here (and very nice it is too!)


  1. I wonder if there's Cyberman fever about? TTZ, DWM and RR all seemed to have Cybermen on the cover in close proximity whilst FF&C has a Cyberman on the back cover! Fantastic Cyberman it is too!

    The cover for #2 is brilliant, clearly one of a kind (How on Earth did you bag such a photo?) but also highlights the whole ethos of the zine; it's cheeky, it's quirky, it's naughty and all a little bit sexy. People buying second hand copies of #2 in 2026 won't get the topical humour of Ace putting a cat in the bin but it made me howl with laughter!

    The season 5 reviews were great as eskewing a story by story look it allowed the band of writers to focus on the themes and imagery of the season as a whole and there were many fresh takes. My favourite was Martin Marshall's take on the Daleks second guessing the Doctor and devising the perfect trap and boy did it work. That's the kind of fan thinking that makes fanzines worth reading.

    The Endgame of Rassilon was a fascinating what if article. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with all the points it was a joy to read and really engaged the brain and gave fresh insights to The Five Doctors. I admit that I used to love it as a kid, think its a bit crap as an adult but after reading this I'm quite inclined to give it another watch. At the very least I can watch it to cheer when The Terrible Zodin gets mentioned!

    TV Pizz and the slash scenarios were funny. I thought the prom review was too long actually and I'm afraid I still hate the new theme tune!

    All in all I highly recommend this zine. I'm glad I got the paper copies as although I already skim read it on PDF, having a copy on the tube after a hard days work was just perfect.

    Can't wait for #3!

  2. Wow thanks for that Jamie :) I'm going to write out some 'Production Notes' soon and I reveal where I got that photo from and my involvement in it ;)

    Anyway, thanks again and for all your help in plugging the fanzine, I've yet to complete reading the new TTZ, but it's looking epic so far (and not just because I'm in it!)




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