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Celebrate 10 Years of Fish Custard With 1p Fanzines And A Competition

To celebrate 10 years since the launch of Fish Fingers and Custard, we are going to offer our readers the opportunity to get their hands on some of our swag for 1 pence plus postage costs (so 1p + P+P – we wanted to give them away for free, but our shop provider doesn't allow sellers to enter in a 'zero price'!). Okay, the Fish Custard storeroom needs clearing out – and it’s either us giving them away or burning them. The following items are available from our shop now: I ssue 2 (two copies left) . A 16-page promotional issue that was originally handed out at London Film and Comic Con in 2011 (thirteen copies left) . Pin badge sets (three sets left). Once they’re gone, they’re gone – and please only order one item, so there’s more to go around. Thanks. Win A Historical Fanzine! Also, we are launching a competition to win the original proof copy of Issue 1 – aside from being the first copy ever printed, it’s nothing special. We’ve no idea why anyone

Issue 18 - Download NOW!

With the world possibly coming to the end, we’d thought it the perfect time to make a dramatic return to ensure we don't go out on an odd number. Providing Doctor Who fans with something to read on the toilet since 2010, we are delighted to be back and are ready to tackle the news, views and issues currently surrounding the show. Oh dear. Packed with the same old nonsense as before (just slightly older and better dressed), in Issue 18, you will find: The Curse of Time – Are all Doctor Who stories with ‘Time’ in the title destined to not be very good? The Doctor Who Cookbook – A review of one of the more ‘left-field’ official publications. 10 Years of Fish Custard – How we took 4 years off but still claim to have been ‘fanzining’ for a decade. Returning Villains – Which classic Who baddies are due for a return? Obituaries for John Hurt and Deborah Watling And plenty more besides You can download the issue here (click the link, then save it to your device) or