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Bored? (After Saturday's Episode)

Then come and join our forum for discussion on the episode and general banter with fellow readers and contributors to the fanzine!  As we try and build up a community, we welcome anyone who is able to put in words, their thoughts, feelings and beliefs about an episode or anything else. And you have to be up for a laugh too! You can access the forum on the side of this page.  The direct link is  Cheers and enjoy the episodes!

Next Stop: Derby

On what's fast turning out to be a Fish Custard Tour, we'll be attending Whooverville, which is a one-day convention held at the Quad Centre in Derby.  Ran by local group The Whoovers, the convention has already established itself on the UK Con scene and is fast becoming one of the most-popular fan-run events. The guests for Whooverville 3 include the likes of Nicola Bryant, Sarah Sutton, Frazer Hines, Tristan Peatfield, Maurice Roeves and Ian McNiece, amongst others. There'll also be various Q&A's, live podcasting, merchandising room and monster appearances, amongst other events going on during the day!  Whooverville is ideally situated for almost anyone in the UK to attend and Derby is a lovely city for a day or weekend break.  We'll be doing the weekend, so that's your guarantee of quality right there!  We will also be handing out free copies of the fanzine, so come and say hello if you're about! Whooverville 3 is on Saturday 3rd September and tic

Fancy (reviewing) Jack & Gwen?

For Issue 7 of Fish Fingers and Custard we are going to dedicate a bit of it to the new series of Torchwood and we need reviewers to look at the series as an whole.  If you would like to contribute, please send a blank e-mail with TORCHWOOD in the subject header and I'll get back to you asap with further details.  Don't worry if you've never written a review before, we're always on the lookout for new contributors!  We're looking for anyone who is able to put down their thoughts and feelings on the series, good, bad or (in Rex's chat-up lines' case) the downright ugly. Don't worry, your e-mail won't be tracked and I won't have scary men following you around.  I'm not allowed to do that anymore. Cheers!