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Issue 17 - OUT NOW!!!

After a tough few months doing absolutely nothing, we're back with a new issue to inform/disgust you. Coming in at 44 pages, this issue of Fish Custard is certainly worth a read. WARNING: There is PLENTY of writing

In this Issue:
Series 9 reviews - we review every single episode from Series 9 and question whether this was Moffat's finest work on Doctor WhoBuild-a-Companion - Forget who should be next, what sort of person should accompany The Doctor on his travels throughout time and space for Series 10?Tim Gambrell chats to Caroline Boulton, who played 'The Habrian Woman' in Face The RavenA look at The Fourth Doctor Past Adventure books. Which one is the best? Which ones are terrible? Which ones would have made a great Doctor Who episode?And much more! If you would like a paper copy of this issue, the prices (including P+P) are as follows:

UK: £2
Rest of The World: £4 (we DO like everyone all over the world, but the Royal Mail doesn’t and …