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Begging Bowls and Selling Souls

As the new series is currently being filmed, we're still beavering away, attempting to bring you all the latest guff from the Doctor Who underground.  And we are underground - as I said - we're beavering away.  The last few months has seen a frightening drop in people sending stuff in (which is understandable, what with the series not being on, and all) and a quite alarming rise in postal prices here in the UK (which isn't understandable. They're just robbing bastards).  We can deal with the postal charges (no change in the prices for our readers) but we really need more contributions from people in order to maintain our existence.  If you fancy seeing your work in the fanzine please get in touch via   I can't stress enough that we'll accept ANYTHING as long as it's well written/drawn.  We exist to offer fans like you a view, so there is no agenda here to promote a particular point of view.  You can even write something on

More Contributors Wanted!

We're hoping to release more Issues in the next couple of months, but we can only do so with the support of our readers.  As always, we're on the lookout for contributors old or new, so if you fancy writing about anything that vaguely-relates Doctor Who, please get in touch with us at at anytime!  If you need ideas on what to write, look at the tab on the left of this page, or browse through our back catalogue!  The fanzine can only continue if people send in their stuff, so we'd be grateful if you could! We've got plenty of things planned for the coming year and with Doctor Who also building up to it's 50th Birthday - it's a great time to be involved with fandom! Cheers