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Matt Smith Is Rubbish And Is Getting Sacked

Doctor Who fans have seemingly got their way. A bloke I spoke to down the pub reckons that Matt Smith will be sacked as Doctor Who, because ‘he isn’t as good as David Tennant and the geeks don’t like him’. Message Boards have been awash with calls for the actor, 16, to be booted out. I must say that I agree with them, as the internet is never wrong. Not that I steal anything off there and publish it here, mind.

Despite smashing all records for most views on the BBC IPlayer and viewing figures on BBC America, SPACE and some Australian channel (not to mention the upturn in profits of DVD’s, books and other merchandise) the interest in Doctor Who is at an all-time low and I know this because my ‘insider’ said so (well, she told my mum at the bingo anyway). Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Matt Smith nerds!

It’s not been a great week for the outgoing Time Lad, as our snappers caught him hanging outside a public lavatory this week (see above). The dirty beast!


  1. I thought this was dismissed as a hoax the same day it hit the Ætherwebs?

  2. I only wish it was true, acutely no I just wish they get rid of Karen and Steven and raise the budgets again so they be less episodes of 3 people in a museum!

  3. Haters gonna hate. Truth is Matt Smith is awesome and the show is doing better than ever!

  4. true Matt Smith is awesome false the show is the worst its ever been, I've been a fan for 35 years and loved the new show till now, truely dreadful


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