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Issue 14 Download & Contribution Details For Issue 15

Here it is. The only Doctor Who-related media that you've been trying to avoid, but like a bout of flu, or a Doctor Who rumour you've heard countless times before, we're still hanging around. In this Issue: Reviews of the latest Doctor Who episodes Thanks Matt Smith - we say goodbye to Doctor #11 Cyberman No3 - with a Five Doctors twist Review of the Doctor Who Proms (or 'Prom' if you're being pedantic) Peter Capaldi - our take on the casting Plus Much More You can download the Issue here (right-click and save, or whatever you do!) Like everyone else, we're gearing up for the anniversary episode, so if you'd like to contribute to our '50th Anniversary Special' Issue, please feel free to e-mail us at For this, we aren't just interested in a review of the story (but please give us one, regardless!), we also want you to tell us (and the readers!) about your day/how/where you watched it. We'd