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Blue Box 2

Fish Custard Fanzine is featured in the new Issue of Grant Bull's 'Blue Box Fanzine' which is available to purchase in print (£1.50 UK/£2.50 Overseas) from  (When I say featured, it's me and a few other fanzine editors, but it's always nice to know about these things!) Blue Box is a cracking read and I would urge you to snap up a copy.  It's retro, b+w, photocopied and full of Doctor Who love (as all fanzines should be!).  Apart from my bit (which is the main selling point, obviously!) there are Series 5 reviews, a look at The Horror of Fang Rock as well as a comic and some great art! Anyway, back to work on Issue 3 I go! Cheers Danny

Issue 3 and The Future!

I'm currently working on Issue 3 of Fish Custard and hope to have paper copies out in the first week of December. It's shaping up very nicely at the moment and I'm looking forward to getting it out there for you all to read! You can also still order some paper copies of Issue 2, from the blue link thing on the right! Meanwhile, if you have anything you would like to see published in the fanzine, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at We're also discussing Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures over at our Facebook Group , so again, don't hesitate to join in if you have any views on the series! Cheers Danny

Issue 2 Production Notes

The trick to producing fanzines, on time and brimming with content, is making sure you plan ahead. I had made sure that almost half of Issue 2 was written, before I had even finished Issue 1! It’s easy just to bung in random stuff in an issue, but it’s more difficult to find the right balance, in terms of the styles and subjects of the articles. One of the things I want the fanzine to do, is to introduce the people who have become fans during the series post-2005, to look back at the vast history of Doctor Who and learn. It’s the most fascinating thing I find about the program, even more so than the actual episodes themselves! Hopefully, during the run of the fanzine, we’ll be able to delve more into this rich, illustrious history which makes Doctor Who more than just a television program. On a similar vein, I also enjoy reading accounts of fans from outside of the UK. The article in Issue 2 from Tom Spychalski, about his childhood spent watching Doctor Who via PBS, are very education


I've just recently had a review of the Virgin New Adventures novel ' Timewyrm: Genesis ' published in Issue 8 of The Terrible Zodin . Free to download, TTZ has gained great popularity among Who-fans for it's original art, articles and honest opinion. Although generally written for female fans, the fanzine has contributions from (and for) the more-traditional Doctor Who fans (i.e - Men!). In fact, this Issue has been guest-edited by Jamie Beckwith , which explains why it's got more pages than The Da Vinci Code ! Anyway, enough waffling on - you can download the Issue here . Oh and look out for the review of Fish Fingers and Custard Issue 1 , by Rassilon's Rod's David MacGowan in there too!