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Issue 15 Update

We're well into production of the brand new Issue here at the Fish Custard office (we've had a delivery of tea and biscuits) but we're still looking for more contributions from Doctor Who fans to give their views on the anniversary and/or the Matt Smith era as an whole. We have no word count, or any guidelines for you to abide by (as long as you keep it sensible!) If that doesn't float you boat (which it technically won't) we're also looking for your view on the casting of Peter Capaldi and what future Doctor Who has got to look forward to. We'd also welcome any art or spoofs you can come up with, too! And if you can lend us £5000, that'll also be acceptable. Joking* Please e-mail and one of our team of bores will get back to you. The deadline is the 28th February Cheers! *Not really

Contribute To The First Issue of 2014!

We're tentatively stepping out, like a drunken woman outside a nightclub with no shoes on at 5am, to announce that we're back from our self-imposed sabbatical and are ready for another new Issue. But like the aforementioned lady, let's call her Fanny, we need a taxi to get her home - and less wet than she already is. It's raining. We want YOU to be that taxi driver and to contribute to help to get Fanny home. In other words, we're after contributions for the new Issue. For this Issue we're looking for the following written works: The Anniversary - what you did/how you watched the 50th Anniversary story The Time of The Doctor - Your review of Matt Smith's swansong as The Doctor The Matt Smith era - what you enjoyed/what you disliked/how the show will move forward Peter Capaldi - your take on the casting and his appearance in The Time of The Doctor OR...anything else you can think of. As long as it's Doctor Who-related If you'd like to get