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Thanks Matt - and Goodbye!

I don’t think the word ‘shock’ is the right word to use to describe Matt Smith’s exit as The Doctor - we’ve been hearing rumours for the past year or so, maybe ‘surprise’ is the best way to describe it.   At first I felt a bit sad, I must admit, but that was quickly forgotten in favour of gratitude to a young actor who gave his all in what is, the most demanding acting role in television. We’ll always have a soft spot for Matt here at the fanzine - in those early days, way, way back in 2010, he was The Doctor who was up against a tidal wave of disgraceful abuse from some fans , whom tended to judge him on looks, videos of filming and the fact that he wasn’t David Tennant. BEFORE they even saw one of his episodes.   So naturally we (well most fans really, we won’t take credit that we don’t deserve) rallied behind him and the series, as it was those run of episodes that made us fall in love with Doctor Who all over again and start this mag.   And you know what? He didn’t turn ou