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Happy 49th Birthday Doctor Who!

Rubbish presenting, tedious clichés and an audience that look too alarming to be allowed out in public, it can only be 80's telly.  Here we present (someone else's) clip, interviews with fans and The Doctor(s) and his companion, celebrating the show's 25th Anniversary in 1988. And as you can see, nothing much has really changed.  Some of the comments will make you smile, knowing what we know today and the video is just a great example of how Doctor Who of 25 years ago, really isn't that much different 24 years on.  25. 50. 75. Doctor Who will be around forever.

Issue 12 - OUT NOW!!!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ISSUE IS NOW SOLD OUT After such a short run of Doctor Who this year, you'd think we won't have much to badger on about? Well, sadly, you'll be wrong, as here we present the biggest issue of the fanzine yet, weighing in at an unprecedented 56 pages !  It's so big, we've had offers from Celebrity Fit Club (lets face it - we're probably more famous than half of those people in the jungle with Colin Baker at the moment. And fatter)  If you're a fan of reading actual words, then this is the issue for you!  Due to the cost of producing these novels, we've only got a very limited run, so any support we get (i.e. if you buy one) will be greatly appreciated . Here is a list of the following stuff you will find in the latest issue: Reviews of Series 7.1 (or whatever you call it) Mary Tamm - The Key To The Key To Time The Doctor and The Ripper - what links The Doctor with Whitechapel's mysterious murderer? Cyberman No3 - A b