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Issue 3 Preview - Interview With A David Tennant Fangirl

Issue 3 is coming very soon.  In the meantime, we can bring you a preview of what could prove to be the most controversial article we've ran in our short history, as we interview some David Tennant Fangirls on the man, his role and the aftermath of his departure.  (Actually, it's not that controversial. But if it's good enough for Heat Magazine, it's good enough for us!) We have more interviews with a few DT fangirls in Issue 3, but as a preview, here is a interview that we enjoyed!  Thanks to McFangirl for her views! How did you discover Doctor Who? The first time around was at about age six (1981). It would come on after Saturday morning cartoons. The opening sequence with Tom Baker's head and the psychedelic look/sound of it was just plain creepy and scared the crap out of me! Add to that the fact that I had never in my life heard a person speak British English before and quite frankly, I don't think I was ever able to sit through an entire episode. All t

Happy 47th Birthday Doctor Who!

It's amazing to say that a television show we love so much is still on our screens, 47 years after the first episode aired.  It all started on the 23rd November 1963 with William Hartnell and An Unearthly Child. I've chosen clips from Blue Peter's coverage of Doctor Who's 10th Anniversary, if only for Peter Purves' (who played Steven Taylor in the Hartnell era) comment in part 2 at 4.36 " It's nice to know that when actors come and actors go, Doctor Who seems to live forever ".  And you know what?  That's absolutely spot on. So today, I urge you to whack your favourite episode on and enjoy, the best television program ever made. Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol TRAILER

Excited? You better be! But before Issue 3 of Fish Custard is out, here's some Doctor Who Christmas thing!

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Work on Issue 3 is going swimmingly (as a posh person would say) and should be available to purchase as a paper copy in the first week of December, with the download coming 10 days or so later. And speaking of downloads, I understand that some people have problems with the download site that we host the issues on.  So with that in mind, I have set up a 'mailing list' (basically a group on a e-mail account, but I'm a fanzine editor - I'm expected to big things up!) so you will receive your copies on your cyber doormats, without having to endure any pop-ups of a 'musclar gentleman'. All you need to do is to send a blank e-mail to I will also send you some fanzine news from time-time, but I promise not to spam.  To be honest, we're a lazy bunch here at Fish Custard Towers anyway, so spamming doesn't appeal to us! For those who enjoy muscular gentlemen DON'T WORRY as we will continue posting the issues on the dow