A Bit of Benny While You Wait...

The deadline has passed and I'm busy getting Issue 2 ready, so you can treat your lovely eyes to it in the next week or two!

In the meantime, Fish Custard Towers are MASSIVE Bernice Summerfield fans and are delighted with the latest addition to the series. For those who don't know, Benny is a spin-off character from the Virgin New Adventures novels from the 90's. She's a sexy, tough and hard-drinking archaeologist from the 26th Century. So you can see why we like her. Benny went on to appear in her own book series and eventually, on audio (played by Lisa 'Cheetah Person' Bowerman). The audios have been running for well over a decade now and to celebrate the launch of Series 11, Big Finish have knocked up a 10-minute CGI short, entitled 'Dead and Buried', for you to enjoy.

The first audio in the series 'Resurrecting the Past' is available from Big Finish later this month. You can order any of the Benny back-catalogue from www.bigfinish.com/bernice-summerfield

Check back soon for more news on Issue 2!


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