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Issue 6 - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

Still here and still moidering folk, we've somehow cobbled together another installment of a Doctor Who fanzine that was once lovingly described as a 'Lidl DWM'.  Yes, it's Issue 6 of Fish Fingers and Custard and it can be downloaded now!

In this Issue: Series 6 (Part 1) Reviewed Are You Watching? A breakdown of viewing figures  Who's In A (Brass) Band - Doctor Who music, done differently Lis Sladen: A Heart of Gold London Film and Comic ConPubcon and interviews with Stephen Gallagher, Tom Spilsbury and Dez Skinn
And much more!

You can download the Issue here

If you're feeling generous and would like to support the fanzine (and not see us go into fincianal ruin!) you can slip us a couple of quid and buy a paper copy of this Issue.  The paper copies look so much better than the free download - you can actually pick it up and for £2 (inc. P+P), we believe it offers great value too!


Apart from down the pub, you can get in contact with us by using the links bel…

Paradise Towers - Reviewed

Paradise Towers has just been recently released on DVD and with our review of the story appearing in a previous issue of Fish Fingers and Custard, we've decided to unearth it and present it in it's original form.

It’s too easy to dismiss the majority of the late-80’s stories as ‘the point where Doctor Who went wrong’. I’ve read and listened to some very unfair comments about the latter stories that don’t take into account the restrictions of which the production team had to work with. I honestly believe that Paradise Towers was one of these stories that would have been a great, if it wasn’t for the budget (or lack of) afforded to Doctor Who by a BBC, who where then determined to let the show die a slow and painful death. But that doesn’t mean mistakes weren’t made by the production team…

Ever since I first watched Paradise Towers, I was intrigued by the storyline: A luxurious tower block that had plunged into anarchy, amongst the folk that lived there. Many people aren’t aware …

Issue 6 - OUT NOW!!!

There may be no episodes of Doctor Who on the telly, but be safe in the knowledge that we are still plugging away, to bring you the best in nonsense from the depths of Doctor Who Fandom. Or Mel Bush's knicker drawer, if you prefer.
In this Issue: Series 6 (Part 1) ReviewedAre You Watching? A breakdown of viewing figuresWho's In A (Brass) Band - Doctor Who music, done differentlyLis Sladen: A Heart of GoldLondon Film and Comic ConPubcon and interviews with Stephen Gallagher, Tom Spilsbury and Dez SkinnAnd much more (we have to put that)

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