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Fish Custard Takes London

The likes of Sylvester McCoy, Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston, Mark Sheppard, Sophie Aldred, Mary Tamm, Richard Franklin, Sarah Sutton, Louise Jameson and Derek Jacobi will be at the forthcoming London Film and Comic Con...and so will we!  We'll be there on the Saturday after the 'Audience With Karen Gillan' handing out free copies of the fanzine as well as chatting/hanging around/generally making people feel uncomfortable, so come and say hello! LFCC has been running for a number of years now and has become the premier signing event in London and always boasts a quite impressive guest list, this year is something else though.  Apart from Doctor Who guests, they have the likes of Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future), Christopher Lambert (Highlander) and Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) and many others, who will be signing during the weekend. LFCC at Earls Court 2 runs from Friday 8th July-Sunday 10th, for further details and guest updates, check out their website here . 

Fish Fingers and Custard - 1 Year On

Like anyone celebrating their 1st Birthday, we’ll be stumbling around, talking incomprehensibly and soiling our nappies. That’s where the comparison ends though, as the above will be a result of some Friday Night drinking, rather than excitable youthful vigour. 12 months ago, I published the first Issue of this fanzine and after watching England sneak past Slovenia in the World Cup, I went out for some beers and returned to see a number of comments waiting for me. Thankfully, they weren’t as negative as I expected, so I whacked on some Gloria Gaynor on YouTube to celebrate. Not really… I’ll admit I never expected it to have lasted for a year, I wanted to, don’t get me wrong, but I thought it would be difficult to try and attract people to write for the fanzine. However, right from conception, people have been willing to help out and have sent me some quite superb articles. They’re the real talents behind the fanzine, I just put this thing together and chuck ideas in which have inf

Upcoming Deadlines

We're busy putting plans in place for the next few Issues of Fish Fingers and Custard , so if you would like to contribute , the deadline for Issue 6 is the  8th July , although if you can get your contribution to me at the earliest possible time, then it stands more of a chance of appearing in the Issue! For Issue 6 we're looking for the usual things - opinion pieces, reviews, reports, art, spoofs etc BUT with Series 6 now at Half-Time, we want reviews of the series as an whole.  Please make your reviews no more than 700 words and no less than 1! You can send them to Cheers!