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Issue 12 - Deadline and Info!

We're coming to the end of this half of Series 7, so we feel it's safe to pop our heads out again and bring you a brand-new Issue!  For Issue 12, we're mainly looking for reviews of the series as an whole. We'd like to receive contributions from some of our past contributors and especially, those who haven't done it before! If you fancy putting your 'series so far' thoughts down after The Angels Take Manhattan , please e-mail us at please make your reviews no more than 700 words and no less than 1 ! (Obviously, any amount of words between the two would also suffice!) If reviewing isn't your bag, we're open to any contribution you can come up with. If you need any ideas, feel free to check out our previous issues. We're generally look for essays and opinion pieces on anything vaguely-related to Doctor Who!  We're always on the lookout for more art, spoofs and poems too! Please note that we don't accep

In The UK? Pre-Order Issue 12 For JUST £1!

Here at Fish Fingers and Custard, we're always dreaming up ways to flog as many paper copies as we can. Despite unsold copies clogging up wardrobes and causing ankle injuries, we're more than happy to keep producing them.  For many, there's nothing like holding something in your hand and it not having the potential to explode in your face.  So with this in mind, we're offering UK residents the chance to pre-order Issue 12 (out in October) for just ONE POUND (and that includes P+P!).  So if you're a regular reader, or someone who just reads the download or online, please consider taking up this great offer.  We're no great salesmen, we're not some big company who wants your money (we actually lose money on every issue!) but we do it for the love of it. For the love of Doctor Who! So please support us and get a great bargain at the same time! If you would like to order a copy (which has the potential to be our biggest yet, due to the many reviews of the new

Issue 11 - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

To celebrate the airing of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who, we're delighted to be able to present the latest Issue of Fish Fingers and Custard for you to download for FREE! This has got nothing to do whatsoever with us being late in producing this. In this Issue we have the following: Tributes to Caroline John and Mary Tamm The Boy Who Kicked Pigs: LIVE! - a review of Tom Baker's book, performed on stage Meet The Fanziners - we chat to a couple of fanzine editors about the state of fanzines and fandom in general The Krotons - Is it as bad as it looks? Is the TV Movie better than the RTD era? Plus, much, much more You can download the PDF from here ('right-click and save', or 'left-click and save', if you're a witch. Or whatever you do if you're on a phone/iPad etc. You Show-off. Cheers and be sure to check out our back issues by clicking 'Issues' on the left of this page - they should keep you suitably amused u