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Discounted UK Issues!

We're clearing out old stock here at the Fish Custard Potting Shed - you can now purchase paper copies of either Issues 2 , 6 or 7 for just £1 ! Just send your quid, via paypal, to and please mark your payment as a 'gift' and don't forget to enclose your name, address and which Issue you want! Due to the nature of postal charges, this offer is for UK residents only, if you're an international reader, please get into contact via the e-mail address and we'll arrange a price. Cheers

It’s Been A Wonderful Adventure…

  I've seen amazing things out there in space, but strange things can happen wherever you are. I have learned that life on Earth can be an adventure too. In all the universe, I never expected to find a family. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the word ‘project’ in recent years. I’ve mainly heard the words said from a minority of people in television circles, who are actually interested in being creative, rather than just going all out to make a short-term profit. I think we’re missing something in life these days – what has happened to working on something and developing it? People in television (as well as life in general) these days are very impatient and expect instant success. Causal viewers, fans & bosses of television just don’t seem to want to watch/work on something which could potentially do well. Is it the age in which we live in, where we can get information in a matter of seconds? Elsewhere in this fanzine, you’ll read an article about how the BBC have go

We're Back...

We’re now gratefully accepting contributions for the next issue of the fanzine! In Issue 9 we’ll be looking at ‘ The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe ’, as well as the usual gubbins we normally have (please make your reviews of the Christmas episode no more than 750 words and no less than 1. Any number between the two is fine!) If you fancy contributing, please e-mail us at and we’ll endeavour to get back to you. If you need any inspiration on what to write, please feel free to have a look at our back issues, which you can access on the left of this page. (We generally accept any reviews, opinion pieces, convention reports, art, spoofs, poems etc) Even if you’ve never contributed to anything before, this is YOUR CHANCE to get involved with a Doctor Who fanzine that is read all over the world, by every type of person imaginable. Except Justin Bieber fans.  The deadline for all contributions is 24th February Cheers!