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Fanzines Are Cool! (FFAC8)

Thanks to Fish Custard Fanzine reader Rebecca Holbourn ( @2cajuman2 ) for giving me a nice surprise on Twitter, with a photo of herself enjoying Issue 1 of the fanzine, along with a Matt Smith-style fez! Fanzines ARE cool!

Subscribe To Fish Fingers and Custard!

I’m delighted to announce that you can now subscribe to the paper copies of the fanzine. Benefits You will receive the fanzine as soon as it leaves the printer! (Obviously, we’ll put it in an envelope first!) a week or two BEFORE the PDF copy is released! You will have your name printed in the fanzine! You will have the knowledge that you are supporting the fanzine and keeping the tradition of paper-based fanzines alive! Plus some other surprise bonuses…look out for them! The Price UK: £8 . Rest of the World: £13 . The price includes postage and packing. Each subscription starts from the NEXT issue to be released (for example, if you subscribe now, you will receive Issue 2 when released, not Issue 1. If you subscribe when Issue 2 has been released, you will receive Issue 3 etc). You can subscribe to 4 issues (about a year's worth) by PayPal, please send all monies to and please send the money as a ‘gift’. (and don't forget to

New Promo (FFAC7)

We have a new Promo! Thanks to Rob Carpenter for designing this! (click here to view in full size)