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Issue 13 - OUT NOW!

Seeing as we're a fanzine of Doctor Who, we've time-travelled into the past to present you with March's Issue 13. (Or maybe we've travelled back from the future, from the past. I'm not sure what's going on). In this brand-new Issue we have the following 'entertainment' to tide you over during that horrible week-long wait for new Doctor Who! Reviews of 'The Snowmen' Doctor Who: A Horrible History - a look at why Doctor Who should be doing more historicals Cyberman No2 - our bumbling comic heroes are back! Zagreus - The ins-and-outs of Big Finish' 40th Doctor Who anniversary story, explained for all The Fanzine MOB - A long-standing fan moans about the internet and Doctor Who fans It Could Have Been A Spin-off (The Spin-off) - Another look at potential programming that Doctor Who could produce And MUCH More! Prices UK - £2 Europe - £3.50 Rest of the World - £4.50 You can purchase a copy by either of the following methods Se