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Issue 2 For Sale!

We've still got a number of Issue 2 's left here at Fish Custard Towers, so please help us to shift them (and make more room for upcoming Issues!) by picking up a copy.  We've knocked off 50p off the price, so if you're in the UK it'll cost just £1.50 , anywhere else in the world it is £2.50 .  Both prices include postage and packing. Please paypal the payment that applies to you, as a gift , to Remember, without people buying the paper copies, we wouldn't be able to make further Issues, so thanks to those who already have purchased copies. Cheers

New Year, Same Old Stuff!

Hello!  I hope you all have had a good Christmas?  Issue 4 of Fish Fingers and Custard is now well into production and I hope to have it out sometime next month!  If you fancy sending anything in (and I mean ANYTHING!) don't be shy, just send it to If you're unsure about what to write, you can always send in your reviews of 'A Christmas Carol' (the Doctor Who episode, not the Muppets or the Dickens version!)  Please keep your reviews to (what we call) a sensible length (about 500ish words) and send them in to the address above.  I will publish every review sent in, but depending on how many I receive - some may be published on this website.  (But it's unlikely that I'll get a deluge of reviews, so they should all appear in the issue!) The deadline is 4th February . Finally, can I just direct you to our new YouTube account .  We'll be updating it on a regular basis with some silly Doctor Who stuff, interviews and poor-qua