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Confidential, Cut Down

I've praised Doctor Who and the BBC in the fanzine for bringing us such an informative behind-the-scenes look at our favourite show, in the form of Doctor Who Confidential .  Educational for adults and children alike, it was the perfect companion for a show that has single-handily revived big budget family drama in the UK.  After watching an episode of DWC , with its detailed look at how an episode was made, how certain effects were done etc - how many people would learn off that? How many children would say how 'cool' it is, and then be inspired to be an actor/director/effects maker etc, after watching it? But now its been axed . Anyone who knows me will know how much I utterly despise reality shows that involve singing.  You've got corporations and networks spending millions, so that greedy record companies can leech off some kid for a year, before they move on to someone else to carry on their vampiric tendencies.  It doesn't inspire anybody, only brainwashing

Issue 7 - Out Now!!!

Despite our legal battles with Steven Moffat (we're trying to get more mentions of Fish Fingers and Custard in Doctor Who) we have been busy with a new issue of the fanzine.  We can't believed we've reached 7, and neither can you probably. Issue 7 contains the following: Whooverville Review and interview with convention organiser Steve Hatcher What Does Doctor Who Mean To Kids? Torchwood: Miracle Day I Love Who: Harry Sedgewick previews a chapter of his new Doctor Who book, exclusively for the fanzine 31 Things Less Painful Than Watching Journey's End And Much More! (It isn't as tedious as it sounds) You can purchase a copy of this fine publication by slipping us one of the following payments via PayPal. UK: £2 Rest of The World: £3 As always, please make the payment as a gift , enclose your name and address and send to If you don't have PayPal, you can still purchase a copy by credit/debit card, by using