A Postcard From Hamsterdam (FFAC9)

While the work for Issue 2 was on-going here at Fish Custard Towers, we received a postcard from columnist (and ex-Doctor Who actor) Harry Sedgewick, who went to visit the Dutch capital - 2 months ago.

Greeting’s Hoovers! (Is that the right term?)

Anyhow, I’m currently on business In Hamsterdam and I’m not really sure when I’ll get back. I’m currently a guest of the Chief at the local Regiokorpsen, here in this wonderful city.

I arrived here to do a bit of acting work/pick up something for my boss, then it all got a little bit naughty with the customs and I’m currently sharing a cell with someone called ‘Rose’. No, it’s not Catherine Tate’s character – it’s actually a big hairy fella, who can’t speak a word of English. I think he’s from Scotland. No, wait, he can’t be - he’s too gentle, especially at night.

What else have I been up to? Well, I only have to say the name ‘Hamsterdam’ and you’ll probably think I’ve been picking flowers and riding bikes. Well, I have been doing something like that, but with the local women instead. Shame I lost my wallet!

Anyway, I’ve got to go - Big Rose wants another game of Buckaroo. Just don’t ask what we’re using to play.

See you soon...hopefully!

Harry x

Harry's adventures, continue on Twitter at www.twitter.com/harrysedgers


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