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Issue 19 – Submissions Wanted!

We’re back for more! After spending 4 years doing nothing but eating biscuits (cookies, for our North American friends), we’re back for our 2 nd issue in 3 months! September will see us release Issue 19 – and we need contributors! Whilst we will always accept ANYTHING that is vaguely related to Doctor Who (you just have to read the other 18 to see that) for this particular issue we’re especially looking for: Reviews of Series 10 (Peter Capaldi’s last one) – We’re looking for your thoughts on the series; this can be you going through the episodes, your thoughts on the series as a whole, your favourite moments, your worst moments…whatever you like. There is no maximum word count for this –   generally, we get between 500-1000 words for reviews like these, but we’re willing to have more (or less). Just don’t go mad with your big words, this isn’t Buzzfeed. Your thoughts on the casting of Jodie Whittaker (and the current state of the show) – (Here we go) We're looking f