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Build-A-Companion (Taken from Issue 17)

With the new Doctor Who Companion set to revealed today (23rd April) here is an article from our latest Issue, looking at what sort of companion the show may go for... (You can download our latest Issue for free here ) --- A s we know by now Jenna Coleman has made her exit from Doctor Who, so we’re on the lookout for a new companion for the upcoming series. So who is next? Which sort of companion (or companions) should The Doctor travel around with? Should he even have a companion? Well yes, otherwise this entire article would be utterly pointless. So unlike those build-a-bear shops you see littered around the large, uninspiring, zombie-filled shopping centres in major cities around the world - let’s build an uplifting and inspiring companion! Male? There’s been a rumbling underground campaign amongst forum-dwellers for a while about this issue. I suppose that Rory has arguably been the only (regular) male companion since the series came back in 2005. Even

Issue 17 - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

After a tough few months doing absolutely nothing, we're back with a new issue to inform/disgust you. Coming in at 44 pages, this issue of Fish Custard is certainly worth a read. WARNING: There is PLENTY of writing In this Issue: Series 9 reviews - we review every single episode from Series 9 and question whether this was Moffat's finest work on Doctor Who Build-a-Companion - Forget who should be next, what sort of person should accompany The Doctor on his travels throughout time and space for Series 10? Tim Gambrell chats to Caroline Boulton, who played 'The Habrian Woman' in Face The Raven A look at The Fourth Doctor Past Adventure books. Which one is the best? Which ones are terrible? Which ones would have made a great Doctor Who episode? And much more! To download this Issue, please click this link (click/save) If you'd like to contribute to a future Issue of Fish Fingers and Custard with any writings, drawings or something else, don't hesitat