Fanzine UPDATE!!!

If you've not got your copy of Fish Fingers and Custard yet, then why not? You can download a FREE PDF copy here

Alternatively, you can order a paper copy, with full colour, glossy covers (the paper was on special offer in a local stationers, ahem) here

I've only got 20 or so left, so this is your chance to own a piece of history. And to also help me get some of my money back! For £2 (UK) £3 (Rest of the World) you can't really knock it. Doctor Who Magazine costs about a fiver after all, and they don't even swear or have a washed-up ex-actor as a columnist! (erm, well....)

In the meantime, my army of Toclafane and I, have been working on Issue 2 (out in September) so if you've got anything you would like to contribute (and I mean ANYTHING) feel free to contact me at the deadline is 3RD SEPTEMBER.

In other news, I would like to thank The Doctor Who Newspage, The TARDIS Newsroom, The Gallifreyan Embassy, Jamie of The Terrible Zodin and Tony of the Flashing Blade Podcast for giving us plugs. If you can help to spread the word in any way, I would be eternally grateful. Much like the 'Pizza Planet Aliens' from Toy Story, but not as cute



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