Issue 2 of Fish Fingers and Custard is out…soon!

The main thing that we need for Issue 2 is reviews of series 5/whatever you call it. Now being the odd fanzine we are, I’m asking for your reviews to be no more than 300 words. I think this method will produce some interesting views, as well as keeping the page count below 200!

If you're not into reviews, then I'll accept ANYTHING else. This includes the following: informative essays on the show, convention reports, short stories, poems, jokes, comics, women’s underwear, wads of cash etc. Although, depending on how much STUFF I get, I may hold some pieces back for future issues. Or be in a drink-induced coma. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

You can e-mail your STUFF to us at

Cheers and I hope to hear from you soon!


  1. If you want, you can mention that I am selling my Doctor Who and Amy Pond posters now on my blog! The Amy Pond poster appeared as issue 1's back cover.
    email me if you want to know more :) and also I am happy to do a 300 word review of the latest series too :)


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