In The UK? Pre-Order Issue 12 For JUST £1!

Here at Fish Fingers and Custard, we're always dreaming up ways to flog as many paper copies as we can. Despite unsold copies clogging up wardrobes and causing ankle injuries, we're more than happy to keep producing them.  For many, there's nothing like holding something in your hand and it not having the potential to explode in your face.  So with this in mind, we're offering UK residents the chance to pre-order Issue 12 (out in October) for just ONE POUND (and that includes P+P!).  So if you're a regular reader, or someone who just reads the download or online, please consider taking up this great offer.  We're no great salesmen, we're not some big company who wants your money (we actually lose money on every issue!) but we do it for the love of it. For the love of Doctor Who! So please support us and get a great bargain at the same time!

If you would like to order a copy (which has the potential to be our biggest yet, due to the many reviews of the new series!) please send your quid via Paypal, as a 'gift' (which can be found through the 'send money' tab) to (and don't forget to include your name and address in the comments box!) We'll send out the finished Issues as soon as they come off the printer sometime in October!

If you haven't got PayPal, you can order by debit/credit card by using the facility below. The process is undertaken by PayPal, but you don't need to sign up for anything. (Please note the extra 12p is for handling charges!)

Please note that this offer ends on 11pm MONDAY 10th SEPTEMBER

We're sorry that we can't extend this offer for fans all over the world, but when Airmail is almost £3 these days, I'm sure you can understand why we can't do it. If it was free to produce, we'd gladly let you have it for nothing (which is why we do the PDF!)

Cheers and enjoy the new series!


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