Issue 5 - OUT NOW!


The Happy Shopper DWM returns.  It might be a brand-new series of Doctor Who, but here at Fish Custard Towers, we continue to push the same old 'entertaining' fluff and occasional serious bits.  In Issue 5, we have these following hors d'oeuvre (I had to Google it to get the correct spelling):
  • Our Sarah Jane - Tributes from fans of Elisabeth Sladen
  • The Brig: A Great Chap
  • Why I Watch Who
  • Poetry
  • A Look At The Scarifyers, plus an interview with creator Simon Barnard
  • Actor, gigolo and columnist Harry Sedgewick offers some more of his wisdom
  • Review of the opening 2 episodes of Series 6!
Plus, much more for you to munch on.

We don't charge a lot for our tat, so it's a lot cheaper than DWM. And better. And we don't spoil it for you.

Prices (inc. P+P)

UK: £2
Rest of The World: £3
Twilight Fans: £21

As always, please make your payment via PalPal a 'gift' and send it to

*UPDATE* If you DON'T have a PayPal account, you can now order a fanzine with your credit/debit card. Just select the option which refers to you and follow the steps.  You don't need to sign up, you just need your card!  Payment is 100% secure. Please note that the extra costs are to cover PayPal fees.




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