Issue 17 - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

After a tough few months doing absolutely nothing, we're back with a new issue to inform/disgust you. Coming in at 44 pages, this issue of Fish Custard is certainly worth a read. WARNING: There is PLENTY of writing

In this Issue:
  • Series 9 reviews - we review every single episode from Series 9 and question whether this was Moffat's finest work on Doctor Who
  • Build-a-Companion - Forget who should be next, what sort of person should accompany The Doctor on his travels throughout time and space for Series 10?
  • Tim Gambrell chats to Caroline Boulton, who played 'The Habrian Woman' in Face The Raven
  • A look at The Fourth Doctor Past Adventure books. Which one is the best? Which ones are terrible? Which ones would have made a great Doctor Who episode?
  • And much more!
To download this Issue, please click this link (click/save)

If you'd like to contribute to a future Issue of Fish Fingers and Custard with any writings, drawings or something else, don't hesitate to contact us at



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