Issue 12 - DOWNLOAD NOW!

Seeing as its (nearly) Christmas, here is a long-overdue gift from us to you. Sadly for you it isn't our resignation from being vendors of nearly-libellous tat, so you'll have to make do with a brand-new Issue instead!

In Issue 12 we have the following:
  • Reviews of Series 7.1 (or whatever you call it)
  • Mary Tamm - The Key To The Key To Time
  • The Doctor and The Ripper - what links The Doctor with Whitechapel's mysterious   murderer?
  • Cyberman No3 - A brand new comic from the pen of the marvellous Mike Pearse
  • To Those We Never Had - A (somewhat vindictive) look at companions who should have been
  • Interview with Whostrology author Michael M. Gilroy-Sinclair
  • Plus much, much more!

You can read online, download or subscribe by RSS. We also have some discounted 2013 subscriptions (with free gifts!) on sale in our shop. They'll make a great Christmas present for any Doctor Who fan/nutcase!

If you enjoy our fanzine, please consider making a small donation to our chosen charity KidsOut, which helps disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK. You can find the page here. We produce the fanzine at a loss, so our bruised egos would be grateful for any support you can give to such a worthy cause.



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