Begging Bowls and Selling Souls

As the new series is currently being filmed, we're still beavering away, attempting to bring you all the latest guff from the Doctor Who underground.  And we are underground - as I said - we're beavering away.  The last few months has seen a frightening drop in people sending stuff in (which is understandable, what with the series not being on, and all) and a quite alarming rise in postal prices here in the UK (which isn't understandable. They're just robbing bastards).  We can deal with the postal charges (no change in the prices for our readers) but we really need more contributions from people in order to maintain our existence.  If you fancy seeing your work in the fanzine please get in touch via  I can't stress enough that we'll accept ANYTHING as long as it's well written/drawn.  We exist to offer fans like you a view, so there is no agenda here to promote a particular point of view.  You can even write something on why The End of Time is the greatest episode ever, if you want!

For inspiration (or whatever the opposite is - I'm no Thesaurus) please feel free to browse through our back issues, which you can download or read online on the right side of this page. Or the left side, if you're upside down.

Now - the begging bit.  Seeing as how we're available in both print and PDF, it's obvious that we don't sell many paper copies.  We're big fans of the paper medium and it will always remain, no matter how many people purchase it.  But for our own financial sakes, we would like to sell more.  For £2 (UK) £3 (Everywhere Else) we feel that this offers fantastic value, considering other magazines cost nearly treble that.  Yes, we're home-made. Yes we aren't glossy full-colour efforts. But that isn't the point. We're not a magazine - we're a fanzine.  Something that has been (literally) made with love, excitement and anger.  You should see how many printers we've broke.

So with all this in mind, we've come up with a few offers to encourage our readers to snap up our paper copies.  Firstly - Issues 10 and 11 can be purchased for a combined price of £3 (UK) or £5 (Everywhere Else).  Issue 10 will be delivered to your door in a finely-weaved envelope (or customs bag) in June, whilst Issue 11 will be there in August. If that bit of info floats your boat, please send the payment that applies to you via PayPal, as a gift, to  Oh and don't forget to include your name and address too!

Secondly - We are now offering a new deal for potential subscribers.  If you purchase a 4-Issue subscription NOW you will receive 1 Issue FREE. That's £8 (UK) or £13 (Everywhere Else) for five issues of the fanzine!  You can view the details of the subscriptions here The offer ends on 1st June 2012

If don't indulge in PayPal, you can still purchase copies via credit/debit card in the box below.  The process is undertaken by PayPal, but you don't need to sign up for anything.  Please note that the extra charge is to cover our PayPal fees.

Prices (Includes P+P)

We don't make any money from this, all we're trying to do is to offer folk the opportunity to read something that doesn't explode when you drop it down the toilet! If you would like to offer us money/job opportunities, then please feel free to get in touch.  We'll do anything here. We're not ashamed.

(Begging bowl away)

Anyway, thanks for reading this waffle and I hope to hear from you soon.  Even if you can't contribute/buy anything, please help to get the word around to fellow Doctor Who fans about the fanzine.  If you've got Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Tumblr/Actual Friends, please give us a leg up!  God knows why you find tales of drunkenness, rants about long-dead writers and lists of fives amusing, but it seems some of you do - so thanks for that!


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