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Work on Issue 3 is going swimmingly (as a posh person would say) and should be available to purchase as a paper copy in the first week of December, with the download coming 10 days or so later.

And speaking of downloads, I understand that some people have problems with the download site that we host the issues on.  So with that in mind, I have set up a 'mailing list' (basically a group on a e-mail account, but I'm a fanzine editor - I'm expected to big things up!) so you will receive your copies on your cyber doormats, without having to endure any pop-ups of a 'musclar gentleman'.

All you need to do is to send a blank e-mail to I will also send you some fanzine news from time-time, but I promise not to spam.  To be honest, we're a lazy bunch here at Fish Custard Towers anyway, so spamming doesn't appeal to us!

For those who enjoy muscular gentlemen DON'T WORRY as we will continue posting the issues on the download site, for you to download at your leisure.  I just wanted an alternative, to make sure the fanzine reaches as many Doctor Who fans as possible!  So please tell your friends/family too (although, leave the muscular gentlemen bit out...unless they like that kind of thing)



P.S. For those who want me to send them copies of 1 & 2 via e-mail, send me your request via the address above.


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