Fish Fingers and Custard - 1 Year On

Like anyone celebrating their 1st Birthday, we’ll be stumbling around, talking incomprehensibly and soiling our nappies. That’s where the comparison ends though, as the above will be a result of some Friday Night drinking, rather than excitable youthful vigour.

12 months ago, I published the first Issue of this fanzine and after watching England sneak past Slovenia in the World Cup, I went out for some beers and returned to see a number of comments waiting for me. Thankfully, they weren’t as negative as I expected, so I whacked on some Gloria Gaynor on YouTube to celebrate. Not really…

I’ll admit I never expected it to have lasted for a year, I wanted to, don’t get me wrong, but I thought it would be difficult to try and attract people to write for the fanzine. However, right from conception, people have been willing to help out and have sent me some quite superb articles. They’re the real talents behind the fanzine, I just put this thing together and chuck ideas in which have influenced me.

I never pretended to be a professional, in my opinion fanzines should never look professional, or else why call it a fanzine? It should be about doing something for the love of it, even though you don’t have the skills or equipment. I don’t – I have a donated computer and software that I’ve begged, borrowed and stole (not really Officer). I just do this because I love writing, Doctor Who and fanzines, as well as the culture that surrounds them. I’ve always wanted to provide well-written articles and showcase people’s work and so far I’ve been pleased with how it’s turned out. I’ve learnt a lot and once I manage to gain more confidence (and more practice!) the fanzine will be even better.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed/bought/downloaded/commented on the fanzine, it really does mean a lot to this sad bastard, so cheers! I’ve ‘met’ (in other words, friended on the Interweb) a lot of great people and hope to friend a lot more. We live in an age where its piss easy to get what you want off the internet and Doctor Who Fandom is as massive as it’s ever been. I still get shy when I think about all those people around the world who read the fanzine. I do hope most of you ‘get’ the style of it as I do try to make it as personal as possible!

Anyway, enough of this rubbish, I would just like to ask you to please check out all our Issues, if you haven’t already and you’re always welcome to contribute, so just send me an e-mail.

Cheers and here’s hoping for many more years (and beers)!


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  1. Congratulations Danny. Fish Fingers & Custard is a vital and vibrant addition to the world of Doctor Who fanzines and fandom. It never fails to make me laugh and I love it to bits.

    One thing to note, for whatever reason, you can't download this in Colombia. My Dad has tried a number of times!


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