Issue 3 - OUT NOW!!!

We would say that this Issue would make a perfect Christmas present for any loved one. But it’s homemade, put together by a bumbling, barely-educated simpleton and posted out in cheap envelopes. It’s also very well written too!

So yes, we can say that a copy of Fish Custard Fanzine Issue 3 is the perfect present for any (over 15) Doctor Who fan this Christmas!

In this snow-filled, beer-stained, turkey-stuffed Issue of Fish Custard, we have the following,

  • Interviews with the Absolute David Tennant Fangirls
  • Drunken Adventures At A Convention – Says it all
  • The Sarah (Jane) Awards
  • Stageplays Overview – An Overview of the Doctor Who Stageplays, obviously
  • Computer Games Overview – An Overview of Doctor Who computer games, obviously
  • The Doctor vs. Edward Cullen – A Fight For A Girl's Attentions

And much more!

To order a paper copy just send the below payment that applies to you, via paypal, as a gift to

UK - £2.00

Rest of the World - £3.00

If you’re tight and are waiting for the download, it’ll be out soon. But if you would like to show your appreciation you can donate to our charity, KidsOut, by visiting . You don’t have to, but anything you can push our way, will make us feel really happy and will help a worthy cause at the same time!




  1. Now, if I knew how to use your address to send payment via paypal, I would!
    It's a new method on me, but then I am thick sometimes :-D

  2. When you log into Paypal click on 'Send Money' then put the e-mail address in and the amount, then click the personal tab, to send the money as a 'gift'.



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