Issue 2 Production Notes

The trick to producing fanzines, on time and brimming with content, is making sure you plan ahead. I had made sure that almost half of Issue 2 was written, before I had even finished Issue 1! It’s easy just to bung in random stuff in an issue, but it’s more difficult to find the right balance, in terms of the styles and subjects of the articles. One of the things I want the fanzine to do, is to introduce the people who have become fans during the series post-2005, to look back at the vast history of Doctor Who and learn. It’s the most fascinating thing I find about the program, even more so than the actual episodes themselves! Hopefully, during the run of the fanzine, we’ll be able to delve more into this rich, illustrious history which makes Doctor Who more than just a television program.

On a similar vein, I also enjoy reading accounts of fans from outside of the UK. The article in Issue 2 from Tom Spychalski, about his childhood spent watching Doctor Who via PBS, are very educational in this era where people don’t appreciate the lengths to which people went to watch their favourite programs. It’s so easy today to get something via download (legal or illegal) or On-Demand. I’ve heard many a tale from North American fans who spent all day playing with a television aerial, just to watch something that was broadcast 10 years earlier on BBC 1! If you’re reading this and live outside of the UK/US/Canada, I would be fascinated to read your stories of how you discovered Doctor Who and what you do to watch it.

The cover photo of Issue 2 is something of a tale in itself. I was there when that was taken, in fact – if you look in between the photo and Georgia Moffet’s face, you can see my nose in the background. If you want more information about the how’s and why’s of this tale – check out Issue 3! That’s all I’m saying.

I feel I’m getting into my stride as a fanzine editor now. The writing is becoming a lot easier and I’ve already got articles ready for Issue 4 (out in 2011!) If you’re reading this having only downloaded the PDF, please consider supporting the fanzine by grabbing yourself a paper copy. It really is much better than reading something off a computer screen or phone! I’m making no profit from this (in fact, I’d be delighted just to break even!), none of us are, we’re just trying to promote fan-writing and the ‘retro’ way of doing things.

Actually, I think that sums up Doctor Who – fan written and retro!


  1. I like that you've taken the time to write the production notes. I've only done one issue and not planning another for a long time not because I didn't enjoy it but I've a realistic assessment of my ability to get things done (I still owe you an article for example!!). So they'd be mad at TTZ to turn to reigns over to me because you'd get a 102 page issue which is great but maybe one every 18 months!

    You're definiately right that balance is the key and I think FF&C2 got it right, you went from Season Frnarg and eased in slowly to The Five Doctors and then on to the American stuff which might be more unfamiliar.

    I think it's great that there's an influx of people who've seen the new show and thus now are not only trying out the classic but also loving it just as much despite it's creakiness. And because these people haven't had "accepted fan wisdom" passed down by the bibles of Haining, Lofficer and Levine so they're coming up with all these fresh takes. I loved that a mate of mine watched Time Flight for the first time and thought that maybe it was going to be revealed that Adric survived the crash and was the villain of the piece. It's that kind of stuff which is a joy to behold.

    Oh maybe I should get him to turn that in to an article!

  2. Who is this Tom Spychalski guy? Sounds like a nut job. ;)

    Thanks Dan for the mention, glad you enjoy reading that stuff and hopefully the rest of you do too.
    There is more where that came from as well...

    Thomas Willam Spychalski


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